You can catch up on Hocoma‘s most-watched webinar, entitled “Health Economics – Improving Rehabilitation With Efficient Settings”, for free on Hocoma’s knowledge platform.

This webinar covers what is essential for healthcare facilities when it comes to intensive and efficient therapy, with different clinical examples of set ups using modern rehabilitation technologies. It also features insight from guests such as Dr. Volker Völzke, Helios Clinic, and Ivana Popović, Polyclinic Glavić.

Owing mainly to indirect expenses, treating neurologically impaired patients can be very costly. In Europe, for example, healthcare and therapy make up roughly 37% of overall treatment costs while consequential issues such as work disability or early retirement account for a staggering 40%. Therefore, it is essential that healthcare facilities be able to offer patients intensive and efficient therapy: Faster and better functional recovery means faster and better workforce reentry. This webinar presents different clinical examples of efficient setups with modern rehabilitation technology that allows for improved therapeutic intensity as well as outcomes.

Watch the webinar here.