We are pleased to be working with Neural Pathways, who are trialling the Hocoma ArmeoSenso with their own patients. Neural Pathways is a leading neurological rehabilitation specialist based near Newcastle, providing life changing rehabilitation for people of all ages with complex neurological needs.

About the Hocoma ArmeoSenso

The ArmeoSenso is a new sensor-based solution from Hocoma for arm function recovery. It features a set of sensors on the chest, arm and wrist, as well as a hand module. This enables patients to perform self-initiated, intensive, repetitive and therapeutic exercises for upper limb rehabilitation. The ArmeoSenso comes with a range of games and applications for patients with mild to moderate impairments, providing assessments and reports to therapists and an engaging and motivating rehabilitation environment for patients. The sensors and hand module allow the patient to interact with the Augmented Performance Feedback exercises to train their shoulder, elbow, wrist and grib for Activities of Daily Living. The optional Saebo arm weight support provides responsive support for patients who require additional assistance.

Find out more about the Hocoma Armeo range of products in the video below.

Contact us for a clinical trial

If you would like to register your interest for a trial with the ArmeoSenso, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a visit.

We are also pleased to offer the Hocoma Andago free-moving body weight support system, and the Hocoma C-Mill virtual reality (VR)  treadmill, for clinical trials in the UK. You can read more about our clinical trials here.