We are pleased to be returning to the University of Salford to attend the XV International Symposium on 3-D Analysis of Human Movement on 3-6 July in Salford, Greater Manchester. We are looking forward to meeting scientists, engineers, clinicians, academics and technology leaders, and sharing our expertise in the area of human movement analysis. We will be joining our partner Motek, who are gold sponsors of the event and will be giving a presentation on Wednesday July 4th at 13:15 in the lecture theatre.

Conference Workshop

Motek will also be running a workshop on Thursday 5th July from 12:15 – 14:15. This will be run by Prof. Dr. Ton van den Bogert from Cleveland State University, Ben van Basten who is the lead Human Body Model developer at Motek, and Head of Clinical Applications and Research at Motek, Dr. Frans Steenbrink.

“A live demonstration of Motek’s real-time Human Body Model software: an inverse dynamic musculoskeletal model to calculate kinematics, kinetics and estimate muscle forces in real-time. All modelling outputs can be used to drive interactive and dynamic Virtual Reality application. As part of Motek’s application development software platform D-Flow, we will demonstrate with a live subject that the future of motion analysis is already here. Use any gait parameter to drive feedback applications and evaluate patient responses. Or extend the applicability of gait analysis to gait training interventions and advanced research options.

Motek recently launched HBM 2.0, and comprehensive update of the model to match current state-of-the-art requirements for clinical gait analysis. The developments for HBM 2.0 were done in close collaboration with the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, KU Leuven – Pellenberg in Leuven, Belgium. Prof. dr. Ton van den Bogert from Cleveland State University, US, who was the original developer of HBM will join the workshop together with our lead HBM developer, Ben van Basten and head of Clinical Applications & Research Dr. Frans Steenbrink, to explain the ins and outs of the model and to answer all your questions.”

About Motek

Motek develops innovative products for rehabilitation, research and clinical use, and their ground-breaking virtual reality and augmented reality environments are combined with motion platforms, instrumented treadmills, motion capture systems and surround sound for an immersive, informative and engaging experience. The technology uses multi-sensory real-time feedback via the D-Flow software, the Human Body Model (HBM) software, and offline analysis tools. Read more about Motek here.