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We offer software to use with your equipment and optimise its results, including data acquisition, biomechanics analysis and evaluation, real-time displays of gait parameters, including kinematic and kinetic data in a real-time feedback loop, creating patient profiles and protocols or customisable graphs during rehabilitation or trials, and more.

Below you will find all the packages that are offered by our partners including AccuPower Solutions, AMTI, Cometa, Hocoma and Motek. If you have any queries, please contact us.

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Box Icon AccuPower Solutions Single and Dual Plate

AccuPower Solutions Single and Dual Plate

This easy-to-use data collection workflow can be used with the AccuPower Portable Force Platform system and other AMTI force plates.

Box Icon AMTI Software

AMTI Software

We offer a range of AMTI products which can be used for data acquisition, analysis, research, rehabilitation, training and more.

Box Icon Cometa Software

Cometa Software

Cometa's EMG and Motions Tools, and SDK and Integrations software, allows you to quickly and simply analyse your acquired data.

Box Icon Hocoma HocoNet®

Hocoma HocoNet®

The cloud platform from Hocoma, connecting all of Hocoma‘s portfolio across the entire continuum of care.

Box Icon Motek D-Flow and Human Body Model

Motek D-Flow and Human Body Model

These easy-to-use packages analyse, evaluate and calculate data for research, clinical treatment and training.

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