Treadmetrix Single & Dual Belt Treadmills

Treadmetrix manufactures high speed single and dual belt instrumented force treadmills, which can be purchased with or without incline capacity for powerful gait analysis. The treadmill’s force plates measure all three force components during the subject’s movement, and can run up to a speed of 28.5 mph and at 35% grade elevation.

The treadmill utilises a module design, incorporating four AMTI MC3 strain gauge sensing elements and GEN-5amplifiers. The entire honeycomb composite treadmill is supported by the sensing elements, which produces outstanding signal to noise ratios and excellent force/centre of pressure data and gait metrics during multiple footfalls.

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Treadmetrix’s advanced servo motor system ensures that the treadmill’s speed remains constant under high loads, and allows the development of custom speed and incline grade protocols. The 3D Force Treadmill offers real-time integration with Qualisys QTM software or Visual3D software by C-Motion. We also offer a version which is compatible with Dartfish.

Treadmetrix’s instrumented force treadmills are ideal for biomechanics research, clinical research, and sports science medicine applications.

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