Testimonial - Nicole Cash

Clinical Lead Paediatric Physiotherapist – Portland Hospital for Women and Children

Testimonial for C-Mill Treadmill

“The Portland Hospital for Women and Children has an expanding and varied paediatric caseload, treating children with a wide variety of conditions, from complex orthopaedic surgery, respiratory and cardiac conditions to traumatic brain injury and developmental delay. We provide therapy on an in and outpatient basis.

We have a standard treadmill in our outpatient gym but felt that the C-Mill would offer a more interactive therapy experience and enhanced treadmill training. We have had the treadmill on loan for 3 months and have used it with a wide variety of patients aged from 4 -15. We have used it for post-operative orthopaedic and neurological diagnoses including Cerebral Palsy-following SDR surgery, post-op limb lengthening and brain injury rehabilitation.”

“The stepping stones function has been excellent for promoting improvements in stride length and the children have particularly enjoyed the animal games that promote sideways movement and stepping over objects. It is unusual to have a treadmill that you can move around on and it provides a much more functional environment to work on gait training. We have found that we have been able to do longer sessions than on a standard treadmill as interest is more easily sustained.

There has been a great reception from staff and they have all found it easy to use; our patients have loved it, remaining engaged throughout their treatment sessions.”

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