Testimonial - Prof. Gabor Barton (MD PhD)

Professor of Clinical Biomechanics, School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University

Testimonial for M-Gait and CAREN

How have you found working with Summit Medical and Scientific?
It has been a professional and at the same time personal and informal experience. Whether over the phone, in email or in person, we have always been on the same wavelength.

Which systems do you use?
Our new toy is the M-Gait which is a split-belt treadmill with two force plates, in addition to our trusty CAREN platform. I appreciated the flexibility of how our existing hardware could be combined with the new kit.

What have you been using your equipment for?
The list is long. Being still relatively new to the M-Gait, our PhD students are learning the systems hands-on. Most of the work is at a pilot stage but our roadmap includes prediction of joint loading from movement during gait, the effects of gait modifications in alkaptonuric osteoarthritis, registration of dynamic changes in muscle and tendon architecture with ultrasound during gait, etc. etc.

What benefits has it given you?
Our movable CAREN platform was the first one in the UK back in 2004 and while this was a privileged position, we always wanted to extend the scope of our work from posture and dynamic balance to gait and so a treadmill integrated with a real-time feedback system has always been on our list. The M-Gait gives exactly what we needed.

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