XSENSOR’s fourth webinar, part of the ‘Plantar Pressure Mapping in Team Sports‘ series, delves into using the Intelligent Insoles system to assess and monitor rugby, ice hockey, and American football players.

This webinar is hosted by Antonio Robustelli, MSc, CSCS, Sports Performance Scientist and Technologist.

Tune in on Wednesday 14th February to watch live, or sign up to receive a recording. Click here to register.

About the webinar

The webinar explores the biomechanical intricacies of rugby, ice hockey, and American football, emphasising the need for optimal performance and skill development. The discussion centers around plantar pressure mapping technology as a valuable tool for evaluating and monitoring players in these intermittent, high-intensity sports.

Rugby is a full-contact sport characterised by high levels of impact and physical contact interspersed with repeated bouts of high-intensity actions of short duration. Ice hockey is considered the fastest team sport in the world, characterised by repeated rapid starts and stops and direction changes. Lastly, American football is distinguished by the ability to complete repeated sprints and high-intensity actions such as accelerations and decelerations, together with tackling and impacts.

The webinar highlights how plantar pressure mapping technology, particularly XSENSOR’s Intelligent Insoles, can aid sports biomechanists and coaches enhance player performance and mitigate injury risks.

Webinar learning highlights

Learn by gaining insights into the characteristics of rugby, ice hockey, and American football and the diverse abilities and actions crucial for achieving optimal performance and skills in these sports.

Understand and explore the role of plantar pressure mapping in evaluating and monitoring players in these sports during the preseason and regular season.

Experience and acquire practical knowledge using XSENSOR’s Intelligent Insoles to capture, measure, and analyse plantar pressure data for rugby, ice hockey, and American football players.

About XSENSOR’s X4 Intelligent Insole System

Capture dynamic high resolution, in-the-field lab quality data with XSENSOR’s fully wireless X4 Intelligent Insole System.

The X4 Intelligent Insole System provides the most accurate plantar pressure and gait data available in any test environment.

The X4 system offers ease of use, and assurance of quality test data, for biomechanics and clinical professionals. It offers high-speed recording in compact and discreet on-shoe wireless electronics, enabled by Bluetooth, which are paired with durable high-resolution sensors.

Ultra thin at <2mm. Sensors conform to the footbed of the shoe and are virtually undetectable to the wearer.

Advanced functionality. Complete analysis for research, rehabilitation and performance using XSENSOR’s X4 Pro Foot & Gait software.

Accurate, reliable and repeatable. 3% or less full-scale error after 100,000 loading cycles.

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