Have you wanted to learn how to analyse data and understand what we are seeing when recording plantar pressure data?

Join Paul Graham, Musculoskeletal Podiatrist and Clinical Educator in plantar pressure analysis, and XSENSOR, the industry leader in intelligent dynamic sensing, in this free webinar on Wednesday 7th December. Click here to register.

In this webinar, Paul will explore the current protocol to record plantar pressure data to ensure effective analysis. The recording and analysis of plantar pressure data requires a thorough understanding and review to comprehend what is being presented. If the recording is not captured in such a way to provide accurate and consistent data, then the analysis can become compromised.

Using the foundational analysis tools within XSENSOR’s software, we will review recorded data, going beyond the pressure mapping, and looking at the timing and trajectory of body weight, as well as symmetry and tissue loading. The segment will be concluded by comparing data captured during the initial examination to data captured after treatment.

Finally, the session will explore actual case studies reviewing the various analysis features and what they can tell us, providing information on components of foot conditions so that we may develop treatment strategies to address any dysfunction and reduce stress from any injured tissues.

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