This week we were invited to use the XSENSOR X4 Foot & Gait in-shoe plantar pressure measurement device at the Staffordshire University Movement Analysis Laboratory.

We helped set up a 2 week data collection for an MSc research project collecting cycling data.

This data collection uses a combination of pressure measurement and motion capture.

In-shoe pressure measurement will be used to assess plantar foot pressure and CoF changes.

Hardware synchronisation between XSENSOR’s pressure measurement device and Vicon‘s motion capture has been successfully set up, making data capture easier and quicker to analyse.

Looking forward to seeing the outcomes, and thank you Staffordshire University for inviting us!

About the X4

Dynamic high resolution, in-the-field lab quality data with XSENSOR’s fully wireless X4 Intelligent Insole System.

We are proud to offer XSENSOR’s X4 Intelligent Insole System, which provides the most accurate plantar pressure and gait data available in any test environment.

The X4 system offers ease of use, and assurance of quality test data, for biomechanics professionals. It offers high-speed recording in compact and discreet on-shoe wireless electronics, enabled by Bluetooth, which are paired with durable high-resolution sensors.

Read more about the X4 system here.