Following the recent announcement that the University of Exeter’s VSimulators facility would be used in groundbreaking research funded by Parkinson’s UK, the College of Life and Environmental Sciences now wish to recruit a Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

The project is evaluating factors that influence Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s and will have three phases.

In Phase 1, the project will develop training videos aiming to help people shift their weight when trying to make a step from a freeze.

In Phase 2, the project will evaluate the efficacy of this training and build a database (including kinematic, kinetic and eye-gaze variables) of gait and freeze events from participant visiting the VSimulators facility at the University of Exeter.

In Phase 3, the project will evaluate the efficacy of the developed training in places where freezing is most problematic in daily life; ‘freezing hotspots’ in participant’s homes. The successful applicant will contribute to activities in all project Phases, including recruitment, data collection, analysis, writing scientific papers and dissemination.

To read more and apply, please visit the Univeristy of Exeter’s jobs website.