AMTI have released the new AccuPower-Optimized, their most popular portable force plate for sports with even more accuracy and featuring USB integration. Please get in touch for a free, no-obligation quotation.

AMTI’s AccuPower-Optimized (ACP-O) multi-axis force platform is a portable solution for jump, drop landing, squat analysis and more. Equipped with wheels and a handle, you can take the ACP-O with you for data collections in classrooms, weight rooms, court-side or even outside in the right weather conditions.

The innovative, patented design is accurate, economical, and easy to use with AMTI’s NetForce software, motion capture, or other force plate analysis software.

The system features include:

Multi-Component Measurement
Forces: Fx, Fy, Fz
Moments: Mx, My, Mz

High Overload Protection
One-piece sensor element provides extremely high overload protection on all axes.

No mounting necessary. Just place the platform on a flat surface and use. Four levelling feet are available to ensure the plate is flat and stable.

Digital Output
Plug & play USB 2.0 interface automatically synchronises up to 12 force platforms and eliminates the need for external power supplies.

Optima Technology
Calibrated with patented Optima technology, which provides market-leading  COP, measurement, and crosstalk accuracy.

To read the full announcement and see technical drawings, please visit AMTI’s website.