Join Hocoma for a free webinar on September 3rd at 2pm UK time (GMT+1). This insightful webinar will present the latest evidence about upper limb rehabilitation with Professor Andreas Luft, Medical Director at cereneo, Switzerland.

Intensity, motivation and personalised therapy are key factors for motor learning after a neurological injury. Technology can support the clinicians to address these factors and boost rehabilitation outcomes. ​

In this webinar, Professor Luft will discuss how:

  • Neurorehabilitative training therapies have limited effectiveness and there is a clear need for improvement.
  • Motivation through reward may be a mechanism that not only increases training compliance and intensity but may also directly facilitate motor skill consolidation through dopamine-driven Motor Cortex plasticity. Reward enhances procedural and motor skill learning as well as facilitates motor adaption.
  • As mechanisms of motor learning are also thought to play a role in motor recovery rehabilitative interventions, they may benefit from neuroplasticity enhanced by reward. We explore these mechanisms and potential implications for therapy.

Register for the webinar here.