Cardiff University are hosting a three day course on “Applied Technology in Clinical Human Movement Analysis” from the 18th – 20th March. Enrol here.

This course aims to provide comprehensive training in the principles of clinical technology essential to physiotherapy development.

The session includes practical sessions in human movement analysis, the mechanics of movement such as joint angles, moments and EMG, and its clinical theories. It will also feature an introduction to movement abnormalities.

Who it’s for

This course will be of considerable interest to those who want to gain skills needed to use technology in applying their clinical knowledge to assist in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. It is anticipated that it will benefit individuals from a variety of disciplines including physiotherapy, biomechanics, rehabilitation, neurology, and orthopaedics.

What you’ll learn

The overall aim of this course is to acquaint delegates with various clinical movement techniques and their best use in physiotherapy and rehabilitation settings.

  • Describe the normal kinematics and kinetics of the joints during functional activities.
  • Identify movement deviations that contribute to common patient complaints.
  • Perform movement analysis using commercially available motion capture platforms (eg Vicon Nexus and Xsens MVN BIOMECH).
  • Explain the role of using EMG in movement analysis.
Price and further information
  • The course costs £260 and includes lunch and refreshments.
  • The course consists of a 1 day lecture and 2 daysin practise.
  • Attendees will receive a CPD certificate following successful completion.
  • For any questions please contact Dr Mohammad Al-Amri via email or call: 02920 687115.
  • To book and read further information, please visit the Cardiff University website.