Huge congratulations to Wendy Edge and the team at BASIC who have been awarded funding which could help support children injured in the Manchester bombing.

They will be hosting their first children’s open day in March demonstrating Motek‘s CAREN, which is a high-end virtual reality rehabilitation system. The Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) aids recovery from brain and spinal injury or neurological diagnosis, as well as help with emotional and behavioural difficulties that can so often follow a traumatic event.

The funding, which will allow children to access the treatment for free, has come from Children In Need. This has funded a part time neuro-physio therapist post for the next three years. The Garfield Weston Foundation – a grant making trust supporting charities across the UK – has also donated £20,000 to fund free places and BASIC is continuing to raise money to help even more children.

Robert Forshaw, marketing officer for BASIC, said: “Here at BASIC, we focus on the long-term rehabilitation needs of the people that use our centre. For the types of physical injuries suffered in the attack, we would use the carefully curated games and applications in our CAREN. These games are designed to be fun and engaging while strengthening the muscles and ligaments affected the injury.

To improve cognitive function, each user takes part in a virtual environment that focuses on attention and concentration. These virtual reality rehab’ sessions allow users to practice skills in and a safe and controlled environment before testing them out in the real world.

These beautiful environments can have a positive impact on the child’s mood because the activities are fun.”

Summit Medical and Scientific have been proud to support BASIC and their vital work to support individuals affected by brain and spinal injuries, so a huge congratulations to the team.

Read more via Manchester Evening News.