Solutions: Strength & Conditioning

Users of our strength and conditioning systems include Manchester City Football Academy, Swansea City FC, Chichester University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Nottingham Trent University, University of Abertay, GSK Human Performance Lab, University of Birmingham Sports Centre Elite S& C Lab, Leeds Beckett University.

The AccuPower system (located in the portable force plate page) has been specifically designed for performance assessment of lower limbs during jumps, drop landings, weightlifting, cutting manoeuvres or user defined tests: the force plate has a large surface to carry out a larger number of dynamic activities.

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Strength & Conditioning Products

Box Icon AMTI Biomechanics Measurement System

AMTI Biomechanics Measurement System

AMTI’s Biomechanics Measurement System (BMS) is OPTIMA technology in the most affordable package.

Box Icon AMTI BP Force plates

AMTI BP Force plates

These large force platforms are used for high frequency measurement in sports and other applications where a large top surface is required.

Box Icon AMTI Force/Torque Sensors

AMTI Force/Torque Sensors

AMTI’s force platform stairway has been designed in response to clinical patient requests to improve their gait while going up and down stairs.

Box Icon AMTI Mobius Treadmill

AMTI Mobius Treadmill

These treadmills can be with or without incline, and are a compact dual-belt end-to-end force sensing treadmill.

Box Icon AMTI Optima Human Performance System

AMTI Optima Human Performance System

AMTI's ground-breaking development in force technology offers a 10-fold improvement over any other force platform available on the market.

Box Icon AMTI Portable Force Plates

AMTI Portable Force Plates

Lightweight, simple and easy-to-use, these portable force plates are a flexible solution that are ready to set up on any flat surface.

Box Icon AMTI Standard Force Plates

AMTI Standard Force Plates

These force platforms are the ideal choice for sports science performance, athletics, gait analysis, strength and conditioning, balance evaluation and more.

Box Icon Myon Aktos Wireless EMG/ACC/IMU System

Myon Aktos Wireless EMG/ACC/IMU System

Myon's wireless, small, lightweight sensors and electrodes can quickly, easily and comfortably be applied and used for recording and analysing movement.

Box Icon Treadmetrix Treadmills

Treadmetrix Treadmills

Treadmetrix's high speed single and dual belt instrumented force treadmills can be purchased with or without incline capacity for powerful gait analysis.

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