Moving with precision

Conventional back therapy involves a lack of real-time feedback and objective data. The ValedoMotion enables precise and repeatable assessments, which provides standardised, objective analysis of movement performance parameters such as range of motion, reposition ability, smoothness of movement, isolation capacity and lumbar stability. Documenting your patient’s progress will help to make your therapy planning more efficient, and will motivate your patients to challenge themselves.

Fun and motivating

The ValedoMotion uses an extensive library of clinically-developed and validated movement exercises. These have been designed by therapists, movement scientists and medical doctors to train key movements during each therapy session. These exercises can be tailored according to the patients’ abilities and therapy goals, and will increase your patients’ motivation for therapy.

Real-time feedback

Simply place the ValedoMotion‘s three sensors on the back and sternum for powerful feedback and analysis.

The ValedoMotion‘s high precision motion sensors capture even the smallest movements to allow for a real-time feedback visualisation and representation on screen. These visualisations will help your patients understand the movement tasks better, and immediately adapt their performance to improve their movements. This further motivates them to adapt their movement habits, in and out of the clinic.

Clinical evidence and reports

All of Hocoma’s solutions have been thoroughly tested and researched, and numerous studies have proven the ValedoMotion to be effective.

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The Hocoma total solution: the entire therapy continuum

From acute inpatient care to outpatient rehabilitation.

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The Andago is the world’s first free-moving mobile gait robot, combined with a body weight support system.

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C-Mill by Motek

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The all-new software platform, connecting all of Hocoma‘s portfolio across the entire continuum of care.

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