We were delighted to see the Motek HERO Solution featured as part of the recent piece “New research improving rehabilitation for stroke survivors” by STV News at The Sir Jules Thorn Centre for Co-Creation of Rehabilitation Technology at the University of Strathclyde.

Technology-based rehabilitation

The University of Strathclyde was the first institution in the world to purchase the Motek HERO Solution, which was launched in 2020 and is a 5-system solution for complete functional movement rehabilitation. The new Centre will revolutionise collaborations between academia, industry and the public sector in order to improve or develop clinical and community-based service models for rehabilitation.

The Centre is the first of its kind in Scotland, and charity Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland hope it will help ease the pressure on the NHS

David Murray is one survivor who is benefiting from the new research, having suffered a stroke ten months ago aged 41.

I got out of bed when I woke up and went to go to the bathroom and in the morning I couldn’t walk. I tried to walk and I just fell,” he said. “My partner noticed that my face was down a bit on one side and phoned the ambulance and the paramedics took me to the hospital. I was in the hospital for three months.”

The technology is in its first phase of development but it’s already proving it could transform this type of rehabilitation. Participants can play interactive games which involve using weaker limbs in a bid to strengthen them and David says he has quickly seen an improvement.

It was taking me 40 seconds to walk up from the gym and now I can do it in 12 seconds or something. That’s just in the space of a couple of weeks,” he said.

Dr Andy Kerr who works at the facility said: “We set up this centre to provide technology-based rehabilitation. So individuals come in for eight weeks, they come in twice a week for two hours and they have balance exercises, they have arm exercises, they have walking exercises, lots of different things we do. It’s a bit like going to a rehabilitation gym, you’re trying to develop technology that is actually useful for people.”

The charity hopes this pilot can be rolled out across the country, so other patients can receive support.

Read the full article on STV News.

The HERO Solution at your facility

Medically certified, the HERO Solution enables you to treat patients on functional strength, gait and balance, coordination and motor control to improve mobility problems caused by neurological, orthopaedic, muscular, cardiovascular or other conditions such as long-COVID after COVID-19 infection.

Please contact us to find out more about how you can incorporate innovative rehabilitation technology, like the HERO Solution, into your facility.