If you would like to try out robotic assistive technology with your own patients in your own clinic or hospital, get in touch!

We are pleased to offer trials for the Andago body weight support system, the ArmeoSpring adjustable exoskeleton for hand and arm therapy, and the ArmeoSenso upper limb rehabilitation device – all developed by our partner Hocoma.

The clinical trial includes us installing the equipment at your facilities for a small fee, and giving your staff full training so your patients can feel the benefits themselves. After 1-3 months (depending on the system’s availability), you can either purchase a device or return the equipment to us. It’s as simple as that.

Contact us today to book your trial, either via our website or calling 01372 459863.

If you would like a clinical trial of any other Hocoma device, or a demonstration of the Andago, ArmeoSpring and/or ArmeoSenso, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss this with you.

About the Andago body weight support system

The Andago is an innovative free-moving robotic body weight support system, which bridges the gap between treadmill-based gait training and free overground walking. The Andago actively follows patients while they are supported in the self-directing robotic device. Rather than relying on multiple therapists to support and secure them, patients can walk independently and freely.

As the Andago is hands-free and is flexible to use from room to room, this means therapists aren’t exposed to physical strain and don’t have to focus on the security and stability of their patient. Instead, they can focus purely on delivery high-quality therapy for the patient. The improved therapist-to-patient ratio combats rising health care costs as well as shortages of qualified personnel in rehabilitation.

The Andago is suitable for patients who are currently unable to walk completely unsupported, such as patients recovering from Guillain-Barre Syndrome, spinal cord injuries, balance disorders, walking disabilities, neurological disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, geriatrics conditions, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Parkinson’s Disease and stroke.

You can see the Andago used at the Masterclass in Neuro Technology (MINT) 2018 event here.

The Andago was awarded the prestigious “Excellence in Business to Business” award by the the German Design Council’s German Innovation Award. Read more.

About the ArmeoSenso

The ArmeoSenso, part of Hocoma’s Armeo range, is a new development in the field of upper limb rehabilitation. The ArmeoSenso consists of a set of sensors, which are attached to the chest, arm and wrist, and a hand module which patients can move around and squeeze. Highly-intensive, self-initiated and motivating, the ArmeoSenso enables patients to complete precise and repeatable assessments.

The ArmeoSenso comes with a wide range of exercises and games, so the patient can interact with the hand module’s Augmented Performance Feedback and gripping function.

The device can be used by any patient experiencing moderate to mild impairment of their arm or hand movement, for example patients recovering from stroke.

About the ArmeoSpring

The ArmeoSpring allows simultaneous arm and hand training in an extensive 3D workspace with six degrees of freedom. This enables patients to practice the movements that are key for their therapy progress and daily life.

The ArmeoSpring features an adjustable exoskeleton which supports the whole arm, from shoulder  to hand, and counterbalances the weight of the patient’s arm. By providing arm weight support, the ArmeoSpring enables patients to use any remaining motor functions and encourages them to achieve a higher number of reach and grasp movements based on specific therapy goals. The activities are based on the patient’s own movements, and built-in sensors record the active movements and all joint angles during the therapy session.

The ArmeoSpring enables therapists to deliver higher training efficiency (more hours per day) thanks to self-directed therapy, which may lead to better long-term outcomes. This is possible by reducing the need for continuous therapeutic guidance, thus giving therapists the possibility to supervise more than one patient at a time.

About our partner Hocoma

Hocoma is the global market leader for the development, manufacturing and marketing of robotic and sensor-based devices for functional movement therapy. Summit Medical and Scientific were thrilled to partner with Hocoma in May 2018, and you can find out more about Hocoma and their products here. You can read more about our partnership with Hocoma here.

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