Standard Force Platform Range

AMTI's multiaxis force platforms are used by hundreds of gait and biomechanics laboratories around the world. Excellent performance characteristics and durable designs coupled with AMTI's commitment to provide responsive and comprehensive customer support makes these force platforms the logical choice for gait laboratory and clinical installations.

The AMTI OR6 and BP ranges of force platforms use strain gauge technology (see Technology for further details) for calculation of 3 axis forces and moments, which gives excellent long-term stability of recordings.  Platforms can feature aluminium or composite construction which provides excellent frequency response.    There are a wide range of sizes and capacities available for a wide range of applications (see Product Download). 

Custom builds are also available for specialist applications.

AMTI's force platforms are the culmination of many years of research and development and they represent the state of the art in multi-axis force sensing technology. Each force platform provides six outputs corresponding to the three orthogonal forces and the three orthogonal moments acting on the platforms top surface.

Multi-component force platforms measure the forces and moments acting on the top surface of the platform. In three-dimensional space forces and moments can be broken down into three components acting along the three coordinate system axes. Conventionally the axes of the coordinate system are called x, y and z and the associated force and moment components are called Fx, Fy, Fz and Mx, My and Mz.

AMTI force platforms use a right hand coordinate system with the positive z axis oriented downward. The positive y axis is oriented away from the connector and the positive x axis is oriented to the left when facing in a positive y direction.

The published specification sheets are available at Product Download and product information can be found on the AMTI website

Each platform is provided with a calibration sheet showing the results for crosstalk, linearity and hysteresis, as well as measures of the accuracy of calculation of centre of pressure at different locations on the platform.

In addition, the calibration sheet shows the resonant frequencies measured for X, Y and Z for the platform, a sensitivity matrix for conversion of the output voltages to Newtons or Newton/metres.  Also included is a series of offsets for the origin of the platform with respect to the top surface of the platform – this is required for accurate calculations of moments.  The thickness of any floor covering applied to the platform should be included in these offsets. AMTI force platforms are used successfully with a variety of floor coverings such as close pile carpet, floor tiles, linoleum and specialist surfaces e.g. Polytan M. 

Contact Us for advice on the force platform most suitable for your application.

High frequency (1000Hz) force platform for sports analysis or where a high frequency response is required
High frequency version of the BP400600 where a high frequency response is required.
Larger force platform 600 x 1200 for sports applications where a larger target area is required, eg. in a long jump take off area.
See our installations page for examples of strain gauge force platforms installed for a variety of applications