Instrumented Treadmills


AMTI manufacture a range of instrumented treadmills:

DBCEEWI Compact Tandem (End-to-End) Treadmill with incline

The treadmill can also be used as two floor-mounted force platforms when incorporated into a walkway with its handrails removed.  There is also a side-by-side DBCSSWI version available and a CE Approved DBCEEWI-CE version. 

DBEEWI Tandem Treadmill with incline is available as a custom build.

This treadmill can be installed with the belt surface flush with the floor for easy entrance and exit.

DBSSPR Double belt, pitch and roll with incline Treadmill   

Each treadmill has dual belt design allowing independent measurement of both feet on the treadmill and the elimination of possible sources of measurement error.  Each force platform consists of a top plate and a base plate connected by four strain elements.  The system design means that each belt and driver system is entirely attached to the top plate while the base plate is attached to the "ground'.  This eliminates the measurement of any forces generated by the treadmill mechanism (for example belt friction) and focuses on measuring the reaction forces of the foot with the ground - the base of the force platform is attached to the support frame of the treadmill.

The tandem (end to end) belt design eliminates loss of data caused by "double support" during walking.

A treadmill validation kit is available.

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Treadmill DBEEWI