Standard Platform Installation

Guidelines for installation of the AMTI force platforms are available from Summit Medical and Scientific to show the requirements for preparation the floor area or of the recess for the platforms if they need to be level with the surrounding floor.  In general, the AMTI force platforms are mounted using studs onto two rails that are secured to a concrete base using epoxy resin.  If mounting within a pit, the platforms require around 15cm of space on either side to allow access to secure the platform onto the mounting rails. In addition you would normally require an additional 15cm of free space at the connector end of the platform to allow the cable to be attached to the platform.  The plates are designed so that they can be easily moved between mounting fixtures, so that using different sets of rails you can mount the platforms side by side, in line, or move from one site to another.   Further details of mounting configurations are provided in the guidelines for installation.

However, if space is an issue it is possible to have a through top mounting system so that the dimensions of the force platform recess could be no more than a few millimetres larger than the size of the force platform itself.  Please contact Summit Medical and Scientific for more information.

It is also possible to have custom mounting fixtures made to accommodate particular mounting requirements, eg extended mounting rails to enable the user to have multiple mounting positions to accommodate varying stride lengths.

Within a pit area, we would recommend that there is cable ducting to enable the cables to be passed into the pit, this should be at least 8 cm in diameter.  The depth of the force platform plus mounting fixture plus epoxy resin is 111 mm.

We aim to work with clients from initial laboratory design stages through to full installation if required.  We have found that advance planning when designing a laboratory can save a great deal of heartache and cost at a later date.  We are available to liaise with architects, constructors, electricians etc to ensure a trouble free process.  We also offer an installation service.  Contact us for more details.

Portable Platform Installation

Each portable platform is shipped configured and ready to use on any relatively flat surface.
There are flat rubber pads in each corner that make the platform insensitive to most
installations. Even if the platform is not to be moved from place to place, the use of the
platform as received is recommended.

If the platform is going to be permanently installed, the rubber pads should be
removed and any of the glue residues remaining from the pad should be cleaned. Once the
pads are removed, the four corner mounting holes can be used to attach the platform to a
mounting plate, floor, or other system.

Caution: The plate should either be used with the pads on a flat surface (the plate
should not wobble) or be bolted down to a surface after the corner pads are removed.

BP6001200 installed in gymnastics vault take off position
2 BP400600s installed in a power lifting platform
OR6-6 installed in a dynamic rig to simulate the movement of stadia floors
two OR6 model force platforms installed in a climbing wall
BP400600 installed in indoor long jump take off position
Outside track and field installation
Two OR6-7 platforms installed for static indoor shooting measurement
Custom mounting fixture for 3 BP400600-HF force platforms