Multiaxis Force Sensors (Transducers)

Wherever it is important to measure forces and moments in three dimensions you will find AMTI multiaxis load cells (multiaxis transducers). AMTI's load cells provide up to six degrees of freedom (DOF) and can resolve applied loads into three orthogonal forces and three moments

AMTI’s load cells have a wide variety of industrial uses eg aerospace research and testing, robotics, marine and naval applications, tool performance and wear monitoring, vehicle testing, materials testing, control surface testing, landing gear drop testing and have been used by NASA in orbital experimentation for zero gravity ergonomic and task performance studies.

However, load cells can also be used for many human performance monitoring tasks such as athletic performance measurements, orthopaedic research, tribology, physical and occupational therapy and research and ergonomics. We sell load cells that can be used for biomechanics applications such as the MC2.5, MC3A and the FS6.

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6 axis force torque sensor 76.2 x 76.2 x 76.2 mm
6 axis cylindrical force torque sensor 378 x 635 mm
6 axis cylindrical force torque sensor. Three cable connections available.
For industrial appliations, contact Interface Force Measurement Ltd who are AMTI representatives in the UK  industrial sector