Force Platform Stairway


The AMTI Force Platform Stairway was designed in response to a growing concern among clinical patients about improving their gait while going up and down stairs. The force platform stairway is based upon the use of a pair of new or pre-existing force platforms to which the special stairway unit is attached.

A walkway can be easily converted from gait to stairway testing which economically increases the versatility of a gait laboratory
The use of two force platforms allows four independent consecutive steps to be analysed. This is due to a unique nesting feature of the stairs in which the floor and second step are
connected to the first force platform, and the first and third steps are connected to the second force platform. This arrangement was suggested by researcher Ugo Della Croce at the University of Virginia. It was built by AMTI for Dr. Paulo Bonato at the gait lab at Spaulding Hospital in Boston.

Different force platform spacings and lateral offsets can be accommodated by the design of the stair mounts themselves.  Threaded inserts on each force platform position and anchor the stair assemblies. A 7” rise and 10.4” run are standard along with a width of 24” or more.

Force platform connected side stair extensions, railings, and an upper landing are usually needed for a complete installation.

AMTI can provide the specific design, appropriate stairs with mounting hardware, and added holes to the force platforms for a particular installation.

Data can be seen here in Visual 3D (

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Instrumented stairway
Unique nesting system allows 4 independent consecutive steps to be analysed.
Instrumented stairway photo
Shows stairway installed on 2 OR6-7 force platforms