There are two amplifier choices available.

The next generation six channel GEN-5 USB amplifier has many new features and is coupled with the release of the AMTI series of “smart platforms” which will have calibration information imbedded in the platforms. The amplifier will read this calibration information and load it into the amplifier calibration files. 

The Gen 5 provides industry-leading performance and innovative features
in an easy-to-use and cost effective package.

  • Signal conditioning includes: 1 kHz anti-aliasing filters, oversampling and digital signal processing
  • Fully calibrated and NIST-traceable
  • Tested to medical-grade standards for safety, essential performance and electro-magnetic compatibility
  • Provides plug and play interface for AMTI force plates and force sensors
  • Applies complete transducer profile stored onboard all new AMTI force plates and force sensors
  • Allows users to order their platforms by simply walking across them in subjects’ direction of travel
  • Fully software configurable
  • All calibration and configuration settings stored internally
  • Automatic balancing of strain gage bridges initiated by front-panel but­ton or by software
  • Multiple Gen 5’s automatically synchronize data sampling
  • Includes NetForce, AMTI’s complete data acquisition solution
  • Easily integrates with analog systems and third-party software
  • Software development kit available for incorporating Gen 5 amplifiers into proprietary

The MSA-6 Miniamp strain gage analogue amplifier provides 6 analogue outputs, one for forces and moments for X, Y and Z.  The amplifier includes a zero facility, optional hardware filters and cable compensation.  The amplifier also provides an excitation voltage for the strain gauges in the force platforms. 

6 axis signal conditioner/amplifier
All New GEN-5
USB Amplifier