Summit Medical and Scientific UK representatives for AMTI, Motekforce Link and Myon

AMTI: World leading manufacturer of biomechanics force platforms.

AMTI also manufacture instrumented treadmills, force/torque sensors, and simulator/wear testing machines. Data acquisition and analysis software for balance, gait and power is available.

The Optima Human Performance System is a major breakthrough in strain gauge force measurement technology offering a 10-fold improvement over any force platform system on the market.

Motekforce Link:


Motekforce Link provides innovative products for rehabilitation, orthopaedics, neurology, performance enhancements and research.  Innovative virtual reality environments combined with motion platforms, instrumented treadmills, motion capture systems and surround sound are used to train movement functions and improve stability.  Game elements and rich immersive interactions enable better user presence.  The technology uses multi sensory real-time feedback via the D-Flow software, the Human Body Model (HBM) software and offline analysis tools.

We currently have a C-Mill on trial in the UK - contact us for more details.  There will be a C-Mill showroom in London on 10th May 2016. EU funding for a discount via the Healthy Ageing Procurement of Innovations Project is available for NHS and non-profit purchasers. See here for more details.

Our pioneering CAREN customers the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre in Salford featured on BBC News and The One Show and in The Times.


Myon: Manufacturer of wireless EMG systems

The Myon 320 provides state of the art, plug-and-play, real-time wireless EMG with market-leading ultra low latency. The Myon 320S sensors can be used either stand-alone or in parallel with the Myon 320 EMG System.  The 320S measures signals wirelessly from 3 new types of sensors: accelerometers, goniometers and foot switches.  Please see the Myon Product pages with software options to the left for more details.

We are also able to offer the Motion Lab System MA300 system for customers who wish to use a wired EMG system. For more details visit

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Myon wireless EMG used for equine study at Harper Adams University
The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of ground pole work on the equine rectus abdominus (RA) muscle in walk and trot. Eight horses performed four conditions and in each condition the activity in the RA muscle (left and right sides) were measured using Myon wireless surface EMG.  The EMG transmitter was secured in place by a band tied around the horse's abdomen.
Click on the above link to see how the Brain and Spinal Injury Charity (BASIC) are pioneering rehabilitation in a community setting in the UK with the use of CAREN VR technology with their clients with brain injuries, stroke, Parkinson's Disease. BASIC have been in the news in April 2016 on The One Show, BBC Breakfast News, BBC Radio 4 PM programme and The Times.
Swansea City FC use the AccuPower system as part of their sports science programme.  The Manchester City Academy uses BP400600 force plates with AccuPower software in their indoor running track and in the Academy gym, installed in a custom made lifting platform.
NEW - Body Weight Support
A Body Weight Support (BWS) Harness is now offered with Motekforce Link M-Gait and GRAIL systems. The BWS is designed to facilitate functional gait training of patients gait impairments by enabling dynamic vertical loading during walking on a treadmill. BWS Pro provides active partial body weight support in real-time, software controlled. BWS Light is manually controlled by an up/down remote by the operator.